Lesson formats and costs

* Students aged 4 – 7/8 enjoy small group classes. Cost is $38 per student and lesson duration is 45 minutes. Classes are structured and informal. Practice is not expected, but home listening is essential. (Maximum of four students per class).

*Students aged 7/8 and up attend combination private/ small group lessons. Cost is $65 per student. Regular practice and home listening is expected. Students receive a minimum of 30 minutes’ private instruction, followed or preceded by a minimum of fifteen minutes’ small group instruction.

*Adults and teens aged 16/17 and up are welcome to attend private lessons. Cost is $65 per 45 minutes, or $80 per 60 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on:

felicity.breen@gmail.com or text/ phone 0437 059 223