Lessons are audiation-based and informed by Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory: a theory of how we learn when we learn music. ‘Audiation is to music what thought is to language.’ Audiation is thinking in music with understanding. Students learn to audiate through: singing, chanting, and movement activities; specific Learning Sequence Activities; and the acquisition of rhythm pattern, tonal pattern, and folk-song vocabularies. Just as we learned our native language sequentially (listening, speaking, thinking, reading and writing) we also learn music sequentially: listening, performing, audiating, creating, improvising, reading and writing.

Music Moves for Piano is a brilliant and relatively new method that applies Music Learning Theory, and builds on Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze. Students begin with Keyboard Games Books A & B, and move on to Book One through to Five. Click here for more information.

Students aged four to five enjoy small group classes. Cost is $420 per student, per ten-week term. Students develop audiation (music ‘thinking’) skills through singing, chanting, and movement activities. Healthy keyboard skills and keyboard geography are introduced. Classes are structured, playful, and informal. Practice is not expected, but home listening is essential. (Maximum of four students per class).

Students aged six and up attend combination private/ small group lessons. Cost is $700 per student, per ten-week term. The curriculum is sequenced, and audiation-based. Students learn to perform, audiate, create, improvise, read and write music. Regular practice and home listening is expected. Students receive a minimum of 30 minutes’ private instruction, and – where possible – followed or preceded by a minimum of fifteen minutes’ partner or small group instruction.

Adults and teens aged 16/17 and up are welcome to attend private lessons on application. Cost is $70 per 45 minutes, or $85 per 60 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on:

felicity.breen@gmail.com or text/ phone 0437 059 223

PLEASE NOTE: In-studio lessons may not be offered during periods of government social-distancing requirements. Instead, instruction will be online private lessons with occasional small group classes offered via Zoom. Thank you for your patience:)